Evergreen Cafe - Brand Identity
Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Pizza Marzano - Visual Mechandising Stand
A retail pilot project placed in 6 Shanghai restaurants to test the potential of selling Pizza Marzano branded products.
Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Nike - VIP Event
An event hosted by Nike for their VIP partners at their Shanghai campus.
Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Fonterra - Model Cow
Life size model cow custom designed as a unique feature for the Fonterra Shanghai Office Headquaters
Graphic Design, Interior Design
Fonterra - Interior Graphics
Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design
Fonterra - Design Manual
A client brand book including interior design guidelines as a reference for future regional projects.
Branding, Graphic Design
Fonterra - Interior Graphics Concept Design
Final Interior Graphics Proposal for Fonterra Office Headquarters Shanghai
Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design
InterContinental Hotels - Training Toolkit
InDesign Book & Packaging - Developing the Customer Experience Journey and Training Toolkit in the form of a Brand Book for the internal team at InterContinental Hotels to roll-out the new ‘Club’ experience across Asia.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
?WHAT IF! Innovation - PPT Presentation
Creating engaging presentations that include data visualisation.
Graphic Design
Company Credentials
Developing the corporate identity to give a fresh look to a snapshot of the company credentials, to be used as a business developement tool.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
Online Marketing / Newsletters
Content management of project updates, company highlights and festive greetings sent internally to staff and externally to clients.
Graphic Design, UI/UX
Nu Skin Innovation Centre - Architectural Submission
Bespoke book, packaging, and iconography design for an architectural building concept design submission.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design